Que mania tenho eu de meter textos ordinários... CREDO!

How do I introduce cunnilingus to my partner? When you introduce your partner to cunnilingus, go softly. Kiss the outer lips of her vulva without inserting your tongue
What are the most common mistakes? A common mistake many men make is licking the clitoris too soon, before the proper teasing has been done. Remember to take your time. Using the same pattern on the same spot can get boring. Try to be creative if you know a certain technique that drives your woman wild with excitement, try to bypass it and come back to it later. This will drive her crazy. Keep licking the clitoris for about 15 minutes. Once she becomes very excited, its important to keep a steady consistent movement. This can assist her in reaching higher levels of pleasure.
Although the PC muscle is interwoven with and surrounded by four other sets of pelvic muscles, it is the master muscle of the pelvis muscles. When healthy and fit, it holds a taut straight line. When its weak, the PC and the pelvic organs it supports tend to sag, which can lead to urinary incontinence and other sexual problems.

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